Privacy Policy

I personally take your privacy very seriously.


By purchasing any of my products/services via Paypal, or securely online from one of my websites using your credit/debit card, or by ordering directly over the telephone, you agree to your personal data (name, address, email, home telephone number, mobile number and any other relevant personal data) being collected, stored and processed as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Data Use

Where you have freely given me (trading as Minerva Publishing Limited) your personal details either because you have purchased or made enquiries about one of my products/services, or taken part in any other free offer/promotion, I will use your details to complete your purchase or provide you with the information expected.

Your email will be used to send you the regular updates, where appropriate, about the service you have joined.

Other uses of your details include…

•  My own in-house administration and analysis.

• Providing you with personalised letters/emails/texts for the products/services you have purchased, or other products/services of a similar nature within the mix of subscription advisory services/systems/strategies I offer, or any free offer/promotion/newsletters you have signed up to.

Unless you have specifically opted out of being sent promotional letters/emails/texts from me, I will selectively contact you by letters/emails/texts about my own products/services, and very occasionally, the products/services of carefully selected outside companies.

And please, please don’t worry.

I never sell, share, swap, or rent your personal details.

The only time I would ever reveal your details would be if I’m forced to do so by the police or other official body. Should you wish to unsubscribe at any time from my email communications with you, there will always be the option to do so on every email I send you.

Opting out from being sent letters/texts is also possible by confirming your communication preferences to me by email to

Data Capture & Processing

All your data, captured by me through one of my websites, or over the telephone if you have directly called my office, is held and processed by my company - Minerva Publishing Limited.

No information relating to any financial transactions between you as the customer, and me, trading as Minerva Publishing Limited (for instance, your credit/debit card number, expiry date or CVV security number) is stored, retained for future use or disclosed to any third party.

Minerva Publishing Limited also acts within the guidelines set down by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). All transactions are processed in accordance with the rules governing best practice and the safe use, storage and transmission of all received credit/debit card data.

Right To Your Data

You have the right to contact me about the personal information I hold about you, and to make any amendments.