Proof Of Success From Our Own Betting Accounts

Here at the Secret Betting Club we long been taking the battle of making money betting direct to the bookmakers, following the exact same tipsters that we also recommend to our members.

Below you can find screen shots and evidence from our own personal bookmaker accounts that help to illustrate our own success and proof of the money to be made from betting.

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Please note, we have removed some details such as account numbers and bet references to help protect these accounts from any watching bookmakers.


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Betting Account
Screen Shots

4 Days, 40 Bets, £1029 Staked = £1081 Profit

In this series of recent account screen captures, you can follow our balance over a 4 day period during which we staked only £1029 in total (with our largest bet being just £35) and made a profit of £1081. All of this in just the one bet butler account.

Here on the 17th December you can see a starting balance of £1,692.00 (all made from betting)....

Moving onto the next series of bets on the 17th and the 18th, this grows to £2315.00...

And onto the 19th it has become £2513.00...

And finally until the end of play on the 20th, when our total balance has grown to £2773.00. Not bad for 4 days work!

From £3,098.20 to £4,747.70 In Just One Week

As the screen shots below indicate, in just one week between the 28th November and 5th December 2011, we made £1649.50 via our Bet Butler betting account.

Here on the 28th November 2011, you can see our balance is £3,098.20 (made from betting)

Bet Butler

Then moving forward to the 5th December, this has grown to £4,747.70 in just over a week, and all to manageable stakes such as £35 per bet.

Bet Butler

£848 Profit Courtesy Of Bet Internet

Another big winner came courtesy of Bet Internet who paid out £901 on a large winner 'Layline' who won for us at big odds. In total this generated a profit of £848 - all from one bet.

Bet Internet

£6,380.00 In Just Over 6 Months With Ladbrokes

It is highly unlikely that we will be welcome anytime soon at Ladbrokes thanks to the amount of money we have taken off them in the past!

As you can see from the screen shot below, in 2007/08 we won over £6,380 with them in just a 6 month period due to a series of big wins.



£2,876.54 And A Further £1250.00 Made With Bet365

We also have very few friends left at Bet365 after a series of big wins, such as the performance a few years back whereby we made £1,630.50 profit in 6 months with them alone.

Added to the £1246.04 already won in our account, this equated to £2,876.54 profit with them in little time at all.


Not long after this period of success, we left Bet365 reeling further after our £50 each way bet 'Oedipe' obliged for us and followers of this Secret Betting Club recommended tipster service at 20/1 as the screen shot below proves!



£2376.75 Made In Just One Bank Holiday Weekend

Another highlight of our betting career came over one very rainy bank holiday weekend in May 2008, when all combined we made £2736.75 from William Hill, Sporting Odds, Stan James & Betfair.

See the screen shots from our bookmaker accounts for details on some of the profits made.

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